Hi, my name is

Anthony Salemo




I have lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2005. I’m originally from Long Island, New York and lived in Southern Florida for about 2 years before settling in NC. Upon moving to Charlotte, I was able to kickstart my interest in technology and my natural love for art.

My passion for web development began in 2017 when I completed UNC Charlotte’s Full Stack Web Development course. Over a period of six months, I learned, networked, and built collaborative projects with colleagues. Since then, I've been involved with Full Stack Development for the last 3 years. Currently now, I work as a Technical Advisor for Microsoft - on their Azure App Services Cloud Platform team(PaaS) engaging with a wide variety of technical and soft skill tasks both internal and through customer interaction.

I am proficient with Javascript, React and Node.js.

I either currently or have worked with technologies such as:

  • Languages: HTML5, Javascript, Typescript, Python, PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, and Bash
  • Source Control: Such as Git, Github and Azure's Kudu
  • Deployment: Integrating projects with Gitlab CI/CD, Azure DevOps pipelines, and various other Azure methods such as Oryx build agent, VSCode/Visual Studio deployment and ZipDeploy, as well as deployment through FTP using FileZilla or WinSCP.
  • Operating systems: Windows and Linux, including virtualized OS management with the use of Linux VM's. Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Alpine.
  • Containerization: Containerizing applications with the use of Docker and Docker-compose for both Windows and Linux
  • Package Managers and CLI tools: Such as NPM, Yarn, Pip and Pipenv, Maven, APT and APT-GET, APK, AZ CLI, Github CLI, PSQL and others
  • Web and Application Servers: Apache, NGINX, IIS, Tomcat, Pm2, Gunicorn and others
  • Application libraries and frameworks: Python - Flask and Django. Java - Springboot. C# - ASP .NET Core. Javascript - Node, Express, React, Gatsby, Angular, Next and Vue
  • CSS libraries and frameworks: Styled Components, Material UI, TailwindCSS, Materialize, Bulma, Bootstrap as well as CSS3 and SCSS
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB
  • Authentication: Auth0, Firebase, JWT
  • Others: Other various technologies such as WordPress, Apollo, GraphQL, Firestore, load testers and performance profilers, REST API implementation; Additionally concepts and practices such as debugging, Mobile and Responsive design, SEO, User Interface(UI)/User Experience(UX) and Accessibility

Outside of work I am still very much involved with full stack development and am keen on experimenting with different types of stacks and technologies. I also enjoy playing guitar, exploring new areas, travelling, house and car projects, music, and gaming.

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